What countertop would be best for my home?

Choosing a countertop may seem like an overwhelming task with so many materials, colors, and finishes. It helps to understand your needs,  so consider…

How many people in your household? Do you have a special prep area such as an  Island or a bar-top for your cooking projects? What decor suits your lifestyle AND your budget? The answers will help you determine the right material for your countertop.

Granite has been, for years, the designer’s choice in homes, banks, etc. With its luster and richness, nothing quite compares to granite’s beauty. Natural color variations are part of granite’s unique appeal.

The popularity of Quartz is increasing – as this material mirrors the look of  granite, but has the advantages of color consistency and zero maintenance. Quartz is also non-porous, so it is approved for Food Service preparation.

Although the selection is almost endless, a countertop specialist can help you determine the right product for your lifestyle and budget.

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