What countertop would be best for my home?

Choosing a countertop may seem like an overwhelming task with so many materials, colours, and finishes. It helps to understand your needs, so consider:

  • How many people in your household?
  • Do you have a special prep area such as an island or a bar-top for your cooking projects?
  • What decor suits your lifestyle AND your budget?

The answers will help you determine the right material for your countertop.

Granite has been, for years, the designer’s choice in homes, banks, etc. With its lustre and richness, nothing quite compares to granite’s beauty. Natural colour variations are part of granite’s unique appeal.

The popularity of quartz is increasing – as this material mirrors the look of  granite, but has the advantages of colour consistency and zero maintenance. Quartz is also non-porous, so it is approved for food preparation.

Although the selection is almost endless, a countertop specialist can help you determine the right product for your lifestyle and budget.

Can I put hot pots and pans directly on my granite or quartz countertop?

We do not recommend placing your hot cookware directly onto the countertop; the extreme heat could damage the sealer that is on your granite top.  The heating of a quartz top changes the composition of the polymer therefore altering the colour.  Our recommendation is that you always use a cloth or trivet under hot cookware.

Can I chop directly on my stone counter top?

You are able to chop on your stone counter top however it is not recommended. Your stone countertops are harder than stainless steel and because of this your knives will dull quickly, more so than it would on a cutting board.

What are some other applications of granite and quartz besides kitchen and vanity tops?

We can manufacture things like full wall back splash, barbecue areas, shower thresholds, home bar tops and much more. Your imagination is the limit to what we can create.

I am thinking of getting more stone for my kitchen at a later date. Will you still have my colour when the time comes?

Most likely we will still have your colour in stock. However many factors are out of our control such as a quarry closing or suppliers discontinuing quartz colours. If your colour is available there is also a chance of mismatching slabs. Quartz is man-made and there could be a slight variance from batch to batch.  Granite slabs vary due to where the slab comes from in the quarry. Each lot we receive is different and unique.