Facts about Granite Countertops

Facts about Granite countertops

Part 1- Maintenance


When choosing a countertop for your kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider. If granite is a choice that you’re considering here are some facts that you should know prior to making your decision.


  • Repairs. Granite countertops should be repaired by a professional. It is rare to get a crack or chip in your countertops. Most of the time, a color-matched epoxy can be used to fill the void and it will be virtually invisible. If you use heavy cast iron pans, be careful when placing them into your under-mounted sink. It is normal for granite countertops to have visible repairs as it is a natural stone.
  • Sealing. Granite is a porous material, which means it can and can soak up any liquids left on its surface. This is why we suggest the purchase of our 25 year warranty on all granite countertops, this warranty protects your new Granite Countertops against any stains. This warranty is priced amazingly low when compared to the cost of one in home repair visit. However many liquids will evaporate on their own without the use of chemicals or cleaning products. Once we seal your new granite countertops they do not require regular sealing in order to maintain your warranty. Periodic sealing is suggested but not necessary.
  • Maintenance. Granite countertops are considered to be a low maintenance work surface. The likelihood of needing to be repaired or resurfaced is very low. Taking care of your new granite countertop just like you would any other work surface in your home is normally more than enough to keep them looking new for years to come.


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